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Wave2Wave works to create a seamless data center infrastructure
Tue, 4th Oct 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Wave2Wave Solutions is a leader and innovator that connects key network elements in the world's largest data centers.

Recently, the company has expanded its EDGE cable fabric family with the addition of QSFP28 copper-based, direct attached cables (DAC).

The organization explains that with this addition, the EDGE cable fabric family now supports a wide array of data rates to meet businesses data center infrastructure needs.

EDGE is a single cable product family to build a network fabric for spine-and-leaf, data center infrastructure, and server rack-and-stack environments. Wave2Wave explains that It simplifies infrastructure design and purchasing as it allows for all needed items to be purchased within a single family - therein enabling businesses to standardize their cable infrastructure and testing across all systems.

Wave2Wave adds that these offerings are ideal for applications including fiber channel over Ethernet; data storage; and data center, storage area, telecommunications and enterprise networks.

David Wang, founder and chief executive officer of Wave2Wave says the newest addition to the EDGE cable fabric family cuts down time to deployment in the data center significantly.

The features of the latest offering include a four channel full duplex passive copper cable transceiver, copper link length for up to 3 meters and an operating temperature of 0-70 degrees Celsius.

“With these turn-key offerings, operators and integrators can build a spine-and-leaf cluster or a server rack with hundreds of cables within an hour - an undertaking that would typically take days to build otherwise.