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Verizon executive joins Quantum-Secure encryption company
Thu, 24th Aug 2023

Qrypt, a leader in the field of quantum-secure encryption, has announced the significant appointment of Ken Dixon to its Board of Advisors (BoA). Dixon, currently the CEO of Tillman FiberCo LLC, brings an impressive background with over three decades of expertise in the telecommunications industry. His experience includes more than two decades in key leadership roles at Verizon.

Ken Dixon's current role as the CEO of Tillman FiberCo LLC sees him at the helm of a company that is pioneering the development and operation of a 100% Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) network. This endeavor is aimed at providing industry-leading symmetric gigabit broadband and internet access to both residential and commercial customers. Dixon's tenure at Verizon was marked by his effective leadership in sales, marketing, operations, and customer service strategies related to voice, data, and video services.

Dixon's expertise comes at a crucial time for the telecommunications industry, which often finds itself a prime target for data breaches. He himself highlights the importance of privacy in a statement, “Telecommunications serves as the backbone of global connectivity and information exchange, requiring us to handle vast amounts of sensitive information, including personal customer data, financial transactions, corporate communications, and government intelligence. Confidence in privacy is clearly of the utmost importance.”

This emphasis on privacy is a core focus of Qrypt's work. The company provides a research-backed quantum-secure encryption solution to mitigate the risk of “harvest now, decrypt later” (HNDL) attacks. These attacks involve the theft of encrypted personal data and intellectual property, which malicious actors intend to decrypt once quantum computers become readily accessible. Qrypt’s unique approach removes the vulnerability of key transmission, allowing telecommunications companies to protect customer data indefinitely and secure their future.

The appointment of Dixon aligns with Qrypt's commitment to the next level of data protection. Kevin Chalker, CEO and co-founder of Qrypt, expressed enthusiasm about the new addition, stating, “Providing secure communications is critical to protecting our right to privacy. Our team at Qrypt is thrilled to welcome Ken Dixon to our board to further our mission of protecting the world’s data in the telecommunications industry. By bringing together industry experts across telecommunications, financial services, and other highly regulated industries, we can strengthen critical infrastructure and permanently protect data through quantum-secure encryption.”

With an increasingly interconnected world, the challenges associated with securing data are monumental. Dixon's extensive background and leadership could serve as an essential asset to Qrypt as they aim to pioneer the telecommunications industry's security. His collaboration with Qrypt is not just a significant move for the company but also a promising stride toward a safer, more secure digital era.