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Vawlt launches revolutionary upgrade to data storage solution
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Vawlt has announced the release of Vawlt 3.0, a monumental upgrade to its unique Supercloud Solution, poised to redefine data storage in a rapidly evolving, hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem.

This is not just a standard update but a revolution in Vawlt's offering. The upgrade greatly enhances all aspects of the Supercloud Solution to meet escalating demands for data protection, cybersecurity, and multi-cloud efficiency in contemporary organisations. According to Alexandre Antunes, Pre-Sales Manager at NOS, a Vawlt Partner, “Our team can't wait to get their hands on the new version, as it will empower us with a stronger toolkit to provide more value to our customers in crucial areas."

New features have been added to Vawlt 3.0 to address the needs of security and cost-conscious organisations of today. Its innovative additions comprise built-in, out-of-the-box advanced ransomware protection, such as Frictionless, Policy-Based Immutability for filesystem and S3-API and Continuous Snapshotting. These features allow system-wide data rollbacks to any specified point in time according to individual customer configurations. This is besides best-in-class cyber threat protection measures, optimisation of data movement, efficiency, and system health and performance monitoring.

Vawlt 3.0 also targets the complex issues faced by Channel Partners in a swiftly changing, hybrid multi-cloud world. It equips IT channel players like MSPs, VARs, or Integrators with operational support tools. These aids are designed to streamline operations, improve service support, and effectively fuel overall business development.

The 3.0 version boasts a brand-new, built-from-scratch, web-based user interface for Data-plane Software Agent. The interface is intuitive for configuration and comes equipped with monitoring tools that aim to simplify the most complex data management tasks.

"Vawlt 3.0 signifies a transformation in the data storage market in a hybrid multi-cloud world. It's not merely a reinvention of our solution. Our goal is to equip organisations with the means to assert their data sovereignty and data independence," said Ricardo Mendes, CEO of Vawlt. "We're committed to empowering our channel partners as they are key to the success of developments in data sovereignty and data independence."

Since launching its Dynamic Storage Platform in 2020, Vawlt has consistently led global Supercloud Storage innovations. Its platform allows companies to enjoy public cloud-scale operational resilience alongside simplified configuration and transparent cloud management. The company's approach redefines businesses' long-term, distributed data storage, providing unparalleled data security and efficiency. It supports companies in enhancing their data management strategies by asserting true operational data sovereignty and pursuing independent data storage strategies.

Vawlt is launching today, with a series of activities lined up to familiarise customers with their latest solution. These initiatives promise to offer in-depth insights into how Vawlt can powerfully transform data management strategies while ensuring users are well-equipped to leverage all the advantages of Vawlt 3.0.