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Uptime Institutes launches TIER-Ready program for modular data centers
Wed, 20th Sep 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Uptime Institute has launched a new design review program for manufacturers that want to validate specific designs of their pre-built solutions.

The ‘TIER-Ready' program also aims to help customers who are deploying modular data centers with the same reliability and resiliency that larger data centers provide.

Modular data centers that carry TIER-Ready status will meet high levels of performance once they have been installed and certified at their intended deployment site.

According to Uptime Institute president Lee Kirby, prefabricated and modular data centers are growing as organisations bring their services closer to constituents.

“As distributed technologies such as IoT and edge-computing become commonplace, these services must be delivered without incurring the traditional risk associated with remote infrastructures. The TIER-Ready program simplifies and speeds the certification process, while reducing costs for both the manufacturer and the end-user,” Kirby adds.

Customers who use TIER-Ready solutions will received reduced time and cost for a Tier Certified data center, Uptime Institute states.

"The TIER-Ready award makes sense for Compass Datacenters as it helps to assure the resiliency and mission critical suitability for each 1.2MW block that we provide to our customers, with important third-party validation through Uptime Institute," comments Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass.

The Uptime Institute Tier Standard has become the industry standard for data center reliability and resiliency. It also ensures that data center operations are predictable under a wide range of operating conditions, include complete utility power failure.

"We are pleased to see the Uptime Institute announce their TIER-Ready program, allowing an industry standard certification for modular deployments," comments Kevin Brown, CTO at Schneider Electric.

"Modular data center solutions for remote and distributed infrastructure are an essential component of delivering modern applications and, in many cases, are deployed in unique operating conditions. This program provides customers with a streamlined process to benchmark and validate the resiliency of their architecture,” he continues.

Huawei's general manager of its Datacenter Facility Business, Bob He, says that his company has been partnering with Uptime Institute for many years to provide data centers that do not fail in any operating condition.

"The TIER-Ready program allows us to extend this benefit to customers of our prefabricated and modular products. By working with Uptime Institute to review our modular solutions, our customers can be more efficiently certified for their data centers and distribute their computing, without risk or the need to give up any expected performance and resiliency because they can be more efficiently certified for that location,” He concludes.