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Underrated ICOs: NZ data center firm launches first crypto-equity token

23 Feb 18

With Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) flooding the market, it’s hard to know where to turn to if you’re an entrepreneur or investor looking to put your money into something new and exciting.

The ICO market is rapidly emerging and is consistently proving itself as a viable alternative to the traditional crowdfunding methods or venture capitalists.

Investors and entrepreneurs however are still faced with one arduous task – filtering through the noise of a myriad of ICO offers in the hopes that they’ll find a strong digital gem in the mix.

This is where HDCoin, a crypto-equity token launched by the passionate and highly driven team at HD Group might just be one of those gems in the crowd.

The company is New Zealand-based, has been trading for 11 years, and is a growing business with sound leadership and management.

For any cautious investor or entrepreneur who is seriously considering their next venture to be based around ICOs, HDCoin is an option you may want to consider.

Of course, research is always the first crucial step before jumping in.

Company structure

With over 11 years in the ICT industry, the HD Group brands have proven themselves in several sectors in this market.

The HD Group consists of Unlimited Internet, Robotic Accounting, HD Cloud, HD Datacentre and ICOex.

Think Retail Internet Provider, automated accounting system that reduces staff admin work, cloud environment in a neutral country far away from worldwide conflicts, a brick and mortar data center and their own ICO exchange for capital raises and trading ICOs.
HD Group is always on the cutting edge and always looking to take efforts to the next level for the business and their loyal customers.

Owners Ben Simpson and Daniel Tanner have always taken customer-centric approach to their businesses and one that emphasizes their insatiable desire to make technology friendlier and faster for their clients.

From a profitability perspective, their business is in solid shape.

HD owns all assets and their data centre facility.

All funding has been successful via internal means from shareholders.

HD Group’s financial position is predictable in the nature of its cash flow.

With performance in the green and strong leadership, the company is starting to be seen as a viable and new type of investment opportunity in the ICO market.


HD have chosen an ICO offer over traditional funding methods such as IPO, PE Capital raising large investment bank funding.

HD Group CEO Ben Simpson says, “ICOs fit perfectly into our area of our current expertise. Cryptocurrencies are a fantastic investment in a digital world and we understand this better than anyone. We have been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2012.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies typically operate independently of any central banking oversight and control.

“For entrepreneurs with great ideas and the ability to flex our creative ventures, this is the perfect arena,” says Simpson.

“It also works the same way for our investors. They get to invest freely and openly without forceful rules and complicated legislation.”

The company has a clear roadmap and projects in the pipeline.

Simpson sees the cryptocurrency market as an opportunity with untapped future potential.

“It’s a real gamechanger for investors and funding companies.”

Find out what the HDCoin ICO has to offer.