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Technavio Southeast Asia forecast: Big trends & 16% growth
Tue, 24th May 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Technavio's new research on the data center cooling market in Southeast Asia has revealed four emerging trends set to shape the industry through to 2020.

The trends, as explained by Technavio lead analyst Rakesh Kumar Panda, have been due to the evolution of cloud services and big data. This has "fueled the demand for advanced data center solutions, resulting in a spate of innovations in the data center cooling space. Enterprises are building better data center facilities that can deliver high efficiency and reduce power consumption. This has necessitated the usage of containment cooling solutions and rack revel cooling systems."

Data center systems in Southeast Asia are set to grow by 16%, capitalising on the scarcity of power in the region. Green data center construction

  • Data centers require a high level of electricity so a focus on energy efficiency that reduces operational costs and reduces wastage
  • Green data centers look at sources of renewable energy, waste recycling and free cooling
  • Green data centers have become a key trend for data center management, led by global providers such as Google, Facebook and Amazon
  • Adoption of modular data center models

  • Southeast Asia data centers have increased adoption of containerised models, due to their fit with SMEs
  • Containerised models use less power and are more cost-effective
  • Models incorporate servers, air conditioning and uninterruptible power supply systems
  • Hitachi's modular data centers are popular in Asia, due to their ability to withstand hot, humid conditions. These models are setting the standard for data center modelling and cost effectiveness
  • Liquid cooling solutions under development

  • Liquid immersion cooling involves using non-conductive cooling liquids in tanks to submerge IT servers
  • The coolant evaporates heat and offers uniform cooling solutions to IT equipment, while offering high thermal efficiency
  • The liquid cooling trend will be important to high-performance computing and data centers in enterprises
  • Economisers increasingly adopted

  • Economisers are integral parts of a data center cooling system as they are able transfer data center heat generation to and from an external environment
  • If external air is cooler than air in the data center, the economiser will naturally draw on the cooler air to help cool the center
  • “Although economisers increase the initial capital investment, they reduce the operating expenditure of cooling solutions considerably. They also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and the overall operating expenditure associated with data centers,” Rakesh says.