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StruxureOn for cloud-based data center monitoring
Wed, 8th Mar 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

In my last blog I wrote about the features and benefits which are included in the standard version of StruxureOn – in other words what people could expect to get for free.

In this blog, I want to cover what extra peace of mind comes from the paid, Premium version of the new cloud-based digital service for data center monitoring.

In case you missed the launch of this new service, StruxureOn represents a new wave in data center operations. It brings together machine learning, anomaly detection and event-stream playback to give operators real-time insights and alarming using smart phones.

The analyst, 451 Research has said that Schneider Electric cloud services could be a game changer.

I believe it is the first big disruption to the data center software (DCIM) market. But while it is a viable alternative to traditional, on premise approaches to data center management, StruxureOn is intended to complement rather than replace existing applications.

In fact, DCIM will supply much of the data that the digital service requires, and Schneider Electric is continuing its investment in the development of StruxureWare for Data Centers

So, why might companies select the Premium StruxureOn offer over the Standard version?

For a start, when you sign up for a premium StruxureOn service you will have Schneider staff and Schneider service bureaus looking at your data, looking at your site, looking at your devices 24×7. You get a second set of eyes on your data center meaning you can sleep at night.

With StruxureOn Premium, Schneider Electric monitor all alarms and emails from you critical infrastructure, and our experts respond to real time alarms to make sure you have no unnecessary interruptions.

In fact, we can also provide proactive onsite support with field service engineers dispatched to ensure that emerging situations are dealt with before they become crises.

Built-in chat collaboration via the StruxureOn app means you can communicate directly with Schneider Electric experts for a quick resolution of a problem, enabling physical infrastructure threats to be anticipated, identified, and resolved quickly and accurately.

StruxureOn Premium also includes incident tracking, automatically generated to provide you with easy access to real-time incident status, incident history and chat history.

In addition, you get the freedom to dig deeper and view historical data and reporting to provide insight into connected devices, coupled with expert recommendations on how to improve device utilization and lifecycle

I think another great benefit which will emerge over time is the building of a community around the StruxureOn offer and around the App, as more and more devices are connected.

As we generate more data about connected device use, failures and so-on, we have the opportunity to make maintenance more predictive and therefore reduce costs, unplanned outages and increase the reliability of data center services.

However, I want to stress that no data is being shared with third parties – it's a one-to-one relationship between the customer and Schneider Electric.

Article by Henrik Leerberg, Schneider Electric Data Center Blog