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Salesforce acquires hardware improvement startup Coolan

Salesforce, the world's biggest customer relationship management companies, will be acquiring Coolan, a small company that builds hardware to improve server speeds.

Coolan co-founder Amir Michael stated in a blog post that the startup company will be 'thrilled' to work with Salesforce.

"We hired a talented team of engineers who developed tools that empower our customers to track and analyze infrastructure reliability for increased uptime and optimized efficiency," Michael states.

Michael, who has shared custom hardware with large-scale data centers, goes on to explain that Coolan will aid Salesforce optimise its infrastructure as the company banks on international customer growth.

Michael will continue his work with the Open Compute Project, which is an open source approach to developing efficient, scalable and flexible hardware.

"A big thank you to our investors, advisors, customers and all the companies that were part of our beta program for their support," Michael concludes.

Coolan's business operations have been aided through expert advisers, including Jimmy Clidaras from Google, Aditya Agarwell from Dropbox and Facebook, and Paul Santinelli from Red Hat.

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