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RtBrick launches BNG software for disaggregated networks

RtBrick, a provider of carrier routing software, has made its new broadband network gateway (BNG) software generally available this month.

The BNG software is designed as the first use case for the company's FullStack routing software. This routing software runs on merchant-silicon hardware, which enables it to become carrier IP/MPLS infrastructure.

Speaking about the announcement, RtBrick founder and chief technology officer says that cloud native IT companies can now run operations at lower cost and with more agility than telecommunications firms have ever been able to do.

“We took a similar approach to building IP networks. We wanted to transform networks from carrier-grade to web-scale, taking advantage of the latest merchant-silicon and with an emphasis on automation.”

According to RtBrick, its BNG software has been picked up for trial with major telecommunications operators. One of those operators is Deutsche Telecom.

“This disaggregated approach, separating software from hardware, will enable us to transform our network edge, and operate more like a ‘cloud-native' business,” says Deutsche Telekon's chief technical leader for the Access 4.0 project, Hans-Jörg Kolbe.

“Adopting a cloud-like network architecture makes it simpler to automate our operations and allows us to benefit from lower-cost open hardware platforms.”
RtBrick says its initial BNG release includes support for key subscriber features such as queuing, accounting and lawful-intercept, along with major routing protocols, such as BGP, OSPF and IS-IS.

Additionally, The software is delivered as a container, running on Linux, which only includes the microservices required for each use-case. It also comes with a ‘single-pane-of-glass' Web 2.0 Management System, including a zero-touch-provisioning system.

RtBrick Full Stack has been validated on several bare-metal switch platforms from manufacturers such as Edgecore Networks and Delta, and can also run on x86 servers.

RtBrick has staff across Europe, the United States, and India. In 2018, the company raised US$6 million from a Series A funding round led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners and Swisscom ventures.

The funding was to be used to fund RtBrick's global expansion and investment in networking infrastructure software.

"Strengthening our presence in Europe and with plans to expand in US markets, DTCP and Swisscom Ventures are ideal partners as we execute on our plan to scale our business globally," said RtBrick CEO Pravin Bhandarkar, at the time of the funding announcement.

"We're excited to have new partners on board who not only provide us with capital but also have vast strategic experience in our target markets to drive RtBrick's growth."

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