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Reduxio debuts container-native focus for Kubernetes and cloud
Wed, 19th Jun 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Reduxio announced the start of customer evaluations of their container-native cloud storage and data management platform with its breakthrough microservices architecture that provides enterprises deploying stateful container applications never-before-available capability and flexibility for Kubernetes-based private, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructure.

To meet the growing demand for robust cloud-native enterprise cloud solutions, Reduxio's Magellan Cloud Data Platform will be generally available in the fall of 2019. Magellan combines new patent-pending IP for data mobility with proven data management capabilities in a microservices-based platform.

Magellan will help organizations overcome limitations in data and application portability and mobility to get more from multi-cloud strategies while accelerating application modernization and digital transformation. Reduxio is supported by leading investors including Intel Capital, JVP and C5 Capital.

"Cloud storage will be a $97 billion market worldwide in just three years, driven in large part by the shift to cloud-native applications, but deployments are still far too burdened by the technologies of the past," said Reduxio CEO Ori Bendor.

"Reduxio is delivering the next generation of storage today, combining container-native storage with instant data and application mobility that allows instant access and movement whether on-prem, in the cloud, or across clouds.

“The Reduxio Magellan platform helps simplify the data center of the future, driving down costs and eliminating lock-in."

The continuing adoption of multi-cloud IT strategies is being accelerated by the deployment of containers.

Cloud-native applications like Cassandra and MongoDB, data processing applications like Apache Hadoop and Spark, continuous deployment/continuous integration (CI/CD) methodologies and the shift to GPU computing for AI/ML workloads are further driving the growth of the container-native storage market.

Today, however, many of these containerized applications are being run on storage systems originally created for on-premise workloads and retrofitted to support containers and clouds, resulting in a siloed and inflexible infrastructure.

"With organizations adopting container and cloud technologies for their workloads, there's tremendous room for growth for cloud-native platform technologies," said Intel capital managing director Yair Shoham.

"Reduxio is addressing the explosion in data storage and processing systems required to analyze, store and share large amounts of data with its microservices-based cloud data platform, at a time when IT teams are seeking the utmost in efficiency and performance."

Reduxio is working with select customers and partners as part of its early-access evaluation program, engaging organizations that are looking to use Kubernetes and stateful containers in production.