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Quest boosts Oracle Data and Azure Cloud integration
Wed, 3rd Nov 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Quest Software, a global systems' management, data protection and security software provider, has announced the general availability of SharePlex version 10.1.1.

SharePlex is a database management and replication solution that allows customers to move their Oracle data quickly into Microsoft Azure cloud services. This can bolster IT resiliency and make faster, more informed strategic decisions across cloud environments.

According to Quest Software, more customers are looking to increase the diversity of their data platforms and leverage services available within Microsoft Azure.

SharePlex 10.1.1 offers customers:

  • Enhanced IT resiliency: An essential factor in enabling an effective business continuity strategy. With SharePlex 10.1.1, Oracle data can be continuously replicated to Microsoft Azure to support numerous IT resiliency use cases such as maintaining high availability Oracle instances in Azure VM, active replication between on-premises Oracle Database to Oracle on Azure VM, and multi-cloud support with replication from AWS (EC2 or RDS) to Azure.
  • High-speed data streaming: With an increased demand for greater insights into business data, companies are looking to leverage high-speed data streaming within their analytics platforms to provide faster, more informed data decisions. SharePlex 10.1.1 facilitates continuous high-speed replication of Oracle data to Azure Event Hubs.
  • Expanded database diversity: Quest Software says as companies look to diversify their database estate, they are considering other platforms such as Azure SQL Database or SQL Server in Azure VM for offloading reporting and business intelligence. It says by leveraging change data capture in SharePlex, Oracle data can be moved to a reporting database or business intelligence tools in Azure SQL Database or SQL Server in real-time, ensuring that report consumers have up-to-date information.

"Today, enterprises are finding themselves under even more pressure to get enhanced real-time business insights from their data while driving down costs," says Quest ISM vice president, product management, Venkat Rajaji.

What SharePlex does is empower customers to achieve higher data availability, increase scalability, integrate data and offload reporting with a more affordable database replication software," he says.

"With version 10.1.1, we are now enabling our enterprise customers to migrate and replicate their Oracle data to the Microsoft Azure ecosystem while reducing risks, streamlining replication, and lowering overall costs incurred."

Among other key benefits and enhancements, SharePlex 10.1.1 now offers Oracle Replication to Microsoft Azure Event Hubs, Oracle Replication to Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and multi-cloud support through continuous replication of Oracle data from Amazon AWS (EC2 or RDS) to Oracle Database on Azure VM.
Around the globe, more than 130,000 companies and 95% of the Fortune 500 use Quest for data management and monitoring of enterprise initiatives.