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Qarbon Technologies launches Qarbon LATTICE platform
Mon, 11th Dec 2023

The revolutionary Qarbon LATTICE platform by Qarbon Technologies is now live and in production, set to significantly shift how digital infrastructure is managed worldwide. Breaking new ground in data centre industry, this trailblazing platform heralds a forthcoming age of efficiency, automation, and connectivity steeped in groundbreaking technology and streamlined processes.

Recognised as the crucial "missing middle layer" of data centre connectivity, Qarbon LATTICE integrates an array of data centre systems with well-known Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms through a unified API. This revolutionary platform addresses numerous industry challenges such as disparate data sources and time-consuming manual workflows. Qarbon LATTICE enables secure and automated connectivity, management, and reporting, thus propelling the industry into a new era of digital management.

Robert Davidson, Qarbon Technologies Founder and CEO, heralded the platform's launch as a significant milestone, declaring, "Today marks a monumental achievement not just for Qarbon Technologies, but for the entire data centre industry." He added, "The launch of Qarbon LATTICE is the culmination of immense hard work, dedication, and innovation from our technical teams. This is more than just a product launch; it is a pivotal first step in our journey to reshape the digital infrastructure landscape for the better."

The roll-out of Qarbon LATTICE is far from an ordinary product launch. It is set to augment efficiency and agility in data centre operations by enabling the secure ordering of cross-connects with major data centre operators and integrating with prevalent SaaS platforms, such as ServiceNOW and Salesforce. Qarbon LATTICE's groundbreaking ability allows it to standardize and automate the copious amounts of data within data centres, covering connectivity, power, and security, marking it as a potent shakeup in the industry.

Early adopters of the platform have already provided positive feedback, hailing the system's transformative effect on operations and the user experience. Mark Smith, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Qarbon, attests, "Qarbon LATTICE is not just a new product; it's a beacon for the future of data centre management, setting a new standard for automation, connectivity, and operational excellence."

With Qarbon LATTICE now live, Qarbon Technologies extends an invitation to data centre operators and customers globally to sample the future of digital infrastructure management - efficient, automated, and more interconnected than ever before.