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Pi DATACENTERS achieves certification of the highest standard

Fri, 19th May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Pi DATACENTERS, India, has been awarded Uptime Institute IV Design Certification, achieving the highest standards for infrastructure, functionality and capacity as demonstrated on the design documents.

The enterprise class datacenter and cloud service provider based at Amaravati, the new capital region of Andhra Pradesh, is over the moon with the results.

To earn a Tier Certification of Design Documents, a facility is evaluated on mechanical, electrical, structural and site elements, and certified facilities also receive expert recommendations to enhance Operational Stability over the long-term.

“We are thrilled to be part of the elite league of data centers in the world to have received the Uptime Institute Tier IV Design Certification,” says Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder and CEO, Pi DATACENTERS.

“This is another positive step forward in introducing world class data center design to Indian enterprises, with rigorous standards to help us continue to re-define a benchmark for excellence.

Managing director of the Uptime Institue for South Asia, John Duffin says they're pleased to award Pi DATACENTERS with the Uptime Institute Tier IV Design Certification, as it proves they're excelling in the industry.

“Achieving a Tier IV Fault Tolerant Design Certification illustrates that the facility meets the highest standards for infrastructure functionality and capacity as demonstrated on the design documents,” Duffin says.

“This ensures that plans are configured to meet uptime goals and provide the sustainable business critical infrastructure needed, and is an important first step toward Tier Certification of Constructed Facility.

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