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Our top global shopping cities (that also host Equinix data centers)
Wed, 23rd Nov 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

In the spirit of the season, the Interconnections blog is offering a look at our data centers in global shopping meccas. We perused a variety of “top shopping city” rankings, and chose places that appeared multiple times, and also host Equinix data centers. We also added a few additional Equinix cities with fast-growing retail sectors (Hello, Shanghai and Sao Paolo).

It's worth noting that Equinix isn't just located in top shopping cities – we help make them top shopping cities. We enable the low-latency interconnection between the merchants, banks and customers that make purchases happen in-store, online, via smartphone, or wherever.

Now, to our shopping capitals:

  1. London (LD6)
  2. New York (NY4)
  3. Hong Kong (HK1)
  4. Paris (PA4)
  5. Tokyo (TY4)
  6. Dubai (DX1/2)
  7. Shanghai (SH5)
  8. Sao Paolo (SP2)

Article by Phil Schwarzmann, editor-in-chief of Interconnection at Equinix