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Oracle Cloud supports vast live streaming market

20 Mar 2020

Oracle Cloud infrastructure is supporting a growing number of live streaming providers, as the live streaming market climbs to new heights.

The market, which is expected to represent 82% of all internet traffic this year according to Go-Globe, is creating new possibilities for streaming providers and the infrastructure that supports them.

Oracle Cloud says that streaming providers are seeking technology providers that must be able to provide secure and fast infrastructure in the face of global growth and massive data demands.

 “We architected our cloud specifically for low latency and high, consistent performance, making it an ideal platform for live streaming. We are seeing companies around the globe take advantage of our unique architecture and low networking costs to reach their customers in real time,” comments Oracle’s vice president of product management, Vinay Kumar.

Oracle Cloud works with clients such as Phenix, Net Insight, and Mynet, amongst others.

Net Insight works behind the scenes for streaming of major live events such as the Olympics, the Oscars, and the US Super Bowl. The company onboarded Oracle’s Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud to manage more than 20 years of data that was being stored in warehouses owned by its customers.

“We needed a cloud solution that could support our goal of making our platform available as a service, so we could provide our customers with more complete analysis and real insights from all the scheduling data they gather,” says Net Insight CEO Crister Fritzson.

“Not only are we able to securely house that 20 years of data, we now have the ability to gain critical business insights from it in real time. In addition to offering a superior solution – no other database self-heals, self-tunes and self-secures – the high level of customer support provided by Oracle played a critical role at every level of the entire project.”

Oracle also works with Mynet, a game service firm that manages more than 60 titles, including an online game platform for Age of Ishtaria. The company aims to deliver ‘an exciting space over a longer time’ for gamers.

“A stable environment is essential in online game operations, and providing a space where users can enjoy the game over a long period of time is a huge benefit to our customers,” says Mynet general manager of engineering, Yuki Horikoshi.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the best balance between performance and cost for ‘Age of Ishtaria,’ enabling players to gain a better user experience while also delivering 65% cost savings compared to previous cloud service. Those savings then allow us to reinvest in new events and campaigns for our customers.”   

Oracle Cloud offers a cloud computing portfolio that includes application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain.

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