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NextDC continues winning streak with new contract

Mon, 25th Jan 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Australian data center operator NextDC has won an additional contract with a leading corporation, for provision of data center services.

The new contract, announced to the ASX this morning, is for 2MW with 1MW at both NextDC's M1 Melbourne data center S1 Sydney site, and follows earlier contract wins with the company in 2013 and last June.

The new deal, which is for five years, with an option to extend for an additional five years, fulfills the previously announced options reserved by the customer last year.

Last year's contract saw a NextDC providing additional capacity of around 4MW, spread across the M1 and S1 sites. That contract was also for five years with an option to extend for five years.

In announcing last year's deal, NextDC noted that the customer had high density requirements, providing NextDC with the ability to ultilise its Project Plus capacity and M1 and S1.

Project Plus, an engineering project annouced in 2014, expanded NextDC's overall IT capacity by 3MW at M1 and 2.5MW at S1, without requiring additional land, building or fit out of additional data halls.

The project boosted M1 capacity to 15MW, and S1 capacity to 14MW.

NextDC says the latest deal provides it with further opportunity to utilise the Project Plus capacity at the two facilities.

NextDC says the customer's name can't be revealed for confidentiality reasons.

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