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MongoDB Atlas expands global reach amid multi-cloud demand surge
Mon, 4th Mar 2024

In response to the growing multi-cloud demand from customers, MongoDB is broadening its global availability with their multi-cloud developer data platform, MongoDB Atlas. Organisations, particularly those in regulated industries such as Financial Services, now require multi-cloud service to bolster resilience in critical applications. These applications, rather than being dispersed across different clouds for different workloads, are instead hosted on multiple clouds simultaneously.

One such organisation adjusting to this new approach is the rapidly expanding Australian payments fintech, Monoova. To ensure regulatory compliance including the impending CPS 230 from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, Monoova is utilising MongoDB Atlas.

Monoova's Chief Technology Officer, Nicholas Tan, stated, "Our multi-cloud approach is pretty unique in the current financial services landscape, and this is what has made Monoova one of the first financial services organisations to align with the new CPS230 compliance framework in Australia”. He emphasised the strength of MongoDB's collaborative role, noting that it allowed them to "quickly scale up at a fraction of the person resources required, saving us from recruiting a full team with specialised skills."

The global expansion of MongoDB Atlas now extends to six additional cloud regions including Canada, Germany, Israel, Italy, and Poland. This makes it the most widely available developer data platform worldwide. As a result of this extension, MongoDB Atlas is now available in 117 cloud regions across the three major cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Customers with a requirement for ultra-high availability or multi-cloud services will find MongoDB Atlas as the singular globally distributed developer data platform.

This expansion ensures that MongoDB Atlas meets the demands of more customers with data residency, availability, plus latency-sensitive applications. Following the introduction of multi-cloud clusters on MongoDB Atlas that operate across AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, they have made it straightforward for customers to control where there data resides. MongoDB Atlas provides flexibility in how customers use cloud services from major providers meaning enhanced customer choice.

Expanding the availability of MongoDB Atlas was both importantly motivated and welcomed by their customers; from startups to large enterprises and governments across the globe, the company states. They all work to develop modern, intelligent applications for the global market. For instance, Monoova, a fast-growing Australian fintech company which provides real-time payments to businesses, voiced their approval. Their CTO, Nicholas Tan, lauded MongoDB Atlas as "a game changer," that enabled them to "quickly scale up at a fraction of the person resources required."