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From legacy to hybrid - Top tips for a successful transformation

Digital transformation is a popular IT buzzword at the moment, but what does it really achieve in reality?

Transforming a legacy IT infrastructure to an agile one is a top priority for more than 25% of Asia-Pacific enterprises, an IDC report has found.

As digital transformation becomes increasingly important to a business’ success, organisations are looking for ways to make the transition that will have the least friction with the existing processes and infrastructures they have in place.

The 14-page report, sponsored by Lenovo, analyses how that has resulted in companies migrating from a legacy IT infrastructure to a hybrid IT infrastructure.

It tackles some crucial concerns of companies on the cusp of making those decisions, including:

  • What does having an Agile IT system entail?
  • What are the priorities of APAC companies in migrating their IT systems?
  • How does hyperconvergence make an organisation cloud-ready?

The IDC report also includes figures on the adoption rate of converged and hyperconverged systems in the APAC region.

If your organisation is in the middle of a transformation process, this report can help you decide what systems you need, and how they can tackle the challenges specific to your organisation.

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