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Infradata deploys BroadForward Signaling Transfer Point at BICS
Thu, 17th Dec 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Infradata, a cyber security and cloud networking solutions and services provider, has deployed the BroadForward Signaling Transfer Point (STP) at Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS).

Deploying the Next Generation STP solution

Infradata is recognised as an expert in intelligent routing and interworking solutions based on the entire BroadForward product portfolio.

The company has gained extensive experience in designing, implementing and supporting these products at BICS and other telecom operators worldwide.

The Next Generation STP solution is deployed as a central, highly versatile routing hub for all 2G/3G related signaling traffic.

The software solution provides BICS with the signaling intelligence required to unify and simplify SS7 based routing configuration, management and provisioning of all their SS7 signaling traffic, according to the statement.

The STP can run standalone or combined on a single engine platform with other BroadForward products, such as a Diameter Signaling Controller and can be extended with the BroadForward SS7 and Diameter Firewall.

Infradata is an advocate of the solution, as it reportedly enables simple GUI based configuration and integration of advanced signaling scenarios across protocols and technologies, without the need for scripting or coding.

Infradata previously implemented the BroadForward Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) at BICS, for routing all 4G signaling traffic on its IPX network.

BCIS sticks with Infradata

BICS is an interconnect provider of wholesale carrier services to wireline and wireless operators and service providers globally.

As a large roaming provider, it reaches more than 1,000 mobile destinations in the world.

The BICS network covers over 200 countries and it comprises fiber and sea cables, satellite link and connections to the world's major internet exchanges.

BICS deploys multi-technology solutions (SS7, GRX, IPX, and Cloud) to enable interoperability of traditional and cloud communications.

BICS head of solution architecture and engineering Quentin Pouplard says, "We are the number one interconnect provider because we innovate and improve continuously.

"As our trusted partner for several years now, Infradata regularly updates us on new improvements we can make to our operations.

"The deployment of the BroadForward STP gives us the signaling intelligence we need to enable much faster service adaptation to the specific needs of our roaming partners around the world.

"The STP comes with the same signaling versatility and flexibility we already enjoy with the BroadForward DSC on our IPX network, because they run on the same converged, single engine software platform."

Infradata managing director BeLux, Kris Verheye says, "The selection of the BroadForward Next Generation STP in the heart of the GRX network is a testament not only to our close partnership with BICS but also to the trust that the technical team has in BroadForward technology for their IPX and GRX networks.

"We are very proud that Infradata has been able to play a pivotal role in the successful delivery of the Next Generation STP at BICS.