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Hyperscale data centres to drive clean energy in APJ: AirTrunk
Fri, 18th Aug 2023

As corporations and governments pursue the challenge of achieving a low-carbon future in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), AirTrunk has released its “Powering a Clean Energy Future” report that identifies hyperscale data centres as key drivers in APJ’s energy transition to 24/7 clean energy (CE). 

The report highlights how a hyperscale data centre's size, electricity demand profile, innovation capabilities and proven experience in procuring renewable energy puts them in a prime position for the partnership to accelerate the transition.

The report also determines the most effective technology pathways and costs to reaching 24/7 (CE) through energy system modelling, providing a holistic analysis of what is required. The report was developed with McKinsey and Company.

According to the United Nations, 24/7 carbon-free energy, or clean energy, means that every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption is met with carbon-free electricity sources every hour of every day, everywhere. Unlike volume matching, 24/7 clean energy introduces new renewable technologies enabling power systems to decarbonise fully.

“24/7 clean energy is crucial to achieving climate targets by fully decarbonising power grids. As the major hyperscale data centre provider in APJ, we released this report with the intention to build momentum towards achieving 24/7 clean energy in the region,” says Joscha Schmitz, head of energy and climate at AirTrunk. 

“24/7 clean energy is more advanced in the European and North American markets due to resource availability and market maturity. The report outlines opportunities to successfully deliver clean energy technology in APJ, which is the fastest growing region, but the one experiencing the most difficulty in managing the energy transition.” 

The report recognises the need for more industry collaboration and highlights the six steps key industry players and governments must take to realise the potential of 24/7 CE in APJ fully.

“Increase and strengthen grid interconnection between markets. Accelerate ‘green molecules’ and other new firming and storage technologies. Diversify renewables portfolio with local firming solutions. Leverage on-site infrastructure to support local grids and power markets. Shift non-latency-sensitive loads to lower cost markets. Start the discussion to achieve 24/7 clean energy in a cost-optimal way,” the report adds. 

“Major corporations and governments in APJ have made significant emissions reductions commitments, however in the current climate, it remains challenging to achieve these. That’s why we are calling on energy providers, sustainability groups, corporations and governments to work together, and with us, to facilitate a clean energy future for all,” notes Damien Spillane, the chief technology officer of AirTrunk. 

“We take our responsibility as a key enabler of the transition seriously and will continue to focus our efforts on decarbonisation as we progress toward net-zero emissions by 2030.”

“AirTrunk is a hyperscale data centre specialist creating a platform for cloud, content and large enterprise customers across the Asia-Pacific & Japan (APJ) region. The company develops and operates data centre campuses with industry leading reliability, technology innovation and energy and water efficiency. AirTrunk’s unique capabilities, designs and construction methodologies allow it to provide customers with a scalable and sustainable data centre solution at a significantly lower build and operating cost than the market.”