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Huawei plans to train 150,000 datacom engineers over three years
Tue, 17th Nov 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Huawei has plans to train 150,000 datacom engineers over the next three years to support the growing size of its Datacom network talent system.

The Huawei Datacom Certification is the next step up from Huawei's Routing and Switching certification. It covers areas and network technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN), virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN), segment routing over IPv6 dataplane (SR/SRv6), as well as network programming and automation.

Huawei recognises the need for new network and architecture requirements as digital transformation and networks develop. As such, the company developed a new set of ‘talent cultivation standards'.

Huawei data communication product line president Kevin Hu says that Huawei has upgraded its intelligent IP network solution and architecture, and also proposed the ‘four engines' brand strategy. This strategy covers CloudEngine switches, NetEngine routers, AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 ACs and APs, and HiSecEngine security gateways.

“By cooperating with partners and customers, we have developed scenario-based solutions to provide new momentum for the intelligent connectivity of everything. We also set Datacom talent standards to grow the talent ecosystem and build a new future of intelligent IP networks,” notes Hu.

Further, the company states that it will organize 10 Datacom competitions, develop 30 online courses and textbooks on Datacom networks, and hold 30 online forums.

By Q4 2021 the Datacom Certification will entirely replace the Routing and Switching Certification.

The new certification comprises three levels: HCIA–Datacom, HCIP–Datacom, and HCIE–Datacom.

The HCIA–Datacom certification aims to develop network engineers with entry-level Datacom knowledge and skills.

The HCIP–Datacom certification is designed for aspirants who want to become senior engineers in the field of cross-domain solution planning and design or single-domain planning and

“The HCIP–Datacom certification has one core technical direction (HCIP–Datacom–Core Technology) and six optional sub-directions (HCIP–Datacom–Advanced Routing - Switching Technology, HCIP–Datacom–Campus Network Planning and Deployment, HCIP–Datacom–WAN Planning and Deployment, HCIP–Datacom–SD–WAN Planning and Deployment, HCIP– Datacom–Enterprise Network Solution Design, and HCIP–Datacom–Network Automation Developer),” the company explains.

The HCIE–Datacom certification aims to cultivate network experts with theoretical knowledge of solutions and the ability to deploy networks across domains.

So far, HCIA–Datacom, HCIP–Datacom–Advanced Routing - Switching Technology, and HCIP–Datacom–Network Automation Developer certifications have been released, and other
certifications will be launched in 2021.

By Q4 2021, the Huawei Datacom Certification will replace the Routing and Switching Certification.