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Huawei Cloud kicks off festival to help enterprises move to the cloud
Fri, 28th Aug 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

2020 is seeing an accelerating fusion of emerging technologies like cloud computing, AI, and 5G, and enterprises are combining these technologies and more to drive digital transformation and innovation. As the year wears on, more enterprises have started to deploy their information systems on the cloud.

To help enterprises reap the benefits of the cloud, Huawei Cloud will launch the Go Cloud Festival today, which will unveil support programs and limited-time offers on select cloud resources and solution packages designed to help enterprises migrate to the cloud.

Here are the three solution packages to accelerate enterprise digital transformation:


An enterprise's website their face on the internet, a platform where it conducts marketing campaigns and builds its brand image.

Huawei Cloud provides flexible, cost-effective, reliable, and secure website solutions that enterprises of all sizes can use to quickly build websites and handle future challenges with confidence, including peak traffic bursts, demanding user experience standards, data security, and data analysis.

The website solution package is available in three tiers: small website (for startups), medium website, and large website. This package includes end-to-end services from domain name registration and licensing and cloud server purchase to domain name resolution and website building.


Huawei Cloud provides a cloud-based eCommerce solution that draws on Huawei's experience in delivering industry platforms and services, plus a full lineup of services including cloud infrastructure, security, and database services.

Enterprises of all sizes can quickly and cost-effectively build their own eCommerce platforms. Taking advantage of the scalability and comprehensive security capabilities of the public cloud, these eCommerce platforms can handle demanding workloads.

Enterprise applications

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) typically lack in-house capabilities to digitally transform themselves. Huawei Cloud provides flexible, convenient, and cost-effective cloud workspace solutions, helping enterprise customers significantly reduce IT spending.

This package includes services needed to migrate enterprise OA, CRM, ERP, and financial management systems to the cloud.

Accelerating enterprise cloud journey with six special offers
Three popular solution packages starting from USD$19 

During the Go Cloud Festival, Huawei Cloud will be offering huge discounts on three popular solution packages: website building, eCommerce, and enterprise applications, with monthly packages starting from $19.

Up to 60% off on 10 of the hottest products on Huawei Cloud

10 of Huawei Cloud's hottest products will be available at huge discounts, including cloud servers, EVS disks, databases, security, and CDN. For a cloud server with one CPU core and 2 GB of memory, a monthly subscription costs a mere $18.3.

New user packages from $1 

During the Festival, new users will have the chance to buy one entry-level cloud server (1 CPU core, 1 GB) at $1 in a flash sale starting at 00:00 every day.

The quantity for this special offer is limited to 10 for each region (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok) each day. Other three types of cloud servers, 1C2G, 2C4G, and 4C8G, will also be available at huge discounts with a monthly subscription.

However, each user will be able to purchase only one of these new user packages. The total number of cloud servers available for special offers is also limited.

Cash coupons in proportion to your spending, up to $1,000 

You will receive cash coupons for your purchases on Huawei Cloud during the Festival: $50 for a $500-1,000 purchase, $100 for $1,000-2,000, $200 for a $2,000-5,000, and $500 for $5,000.

A dedicated support program for small and medium IT service providers

Huawei Cloud will be launching a dedicated program called "Blossom Program" to support small and medium-sized IT service providers.

Eligible companies can request to join this program and become Huawei Cloud partners. They will enjoy a 40% discount for cloud servers during the first year, plus free training and opportunities for joint marketing.

Cash coupons as a reward for referrals

You can refer a friend to Huawei Cloud and earn a referral fee in the form of cash coupons, up to $1,500, depending on how much your friend spends on Huawei Cloud.

Why Huawei Cloud?

Huawei Cloud is backed by Huawei's 30-plus years of expertise in ICT infrastructure products and solutions.

Huawei Cloud has eight data centers outside of China and a strong presence in regions such as Asia Pacific and Latin America. As the first cloud service provider in China to earn the NIST CSF certification, Huawei Cloud offers 24/7 services and quick response to customer needs.

Ever since its launch, Huawei Cloud has been investing heavily in innovation on all fronts. The company works with partners from all industries to optimise software, continuously improve cloud server performance, and empower innovation by offering premium computing power.