DataCenterNews Asia - Here's what colocation and interconnection looks like

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

Here's what colocation and interconnection looks like

The aesthetics of Equinix data centers are about more than looking good. Our founders knew interconnection was critical to the future of business. They also knew the network-neutral colocation and peering model we were establishing would help the Internet gain commercial acceptance. The work inside our data centers was bold and dynamic. They figured our data center designs should be, too.

Outside, many of our data centers are sleek and futuristic. Inside, the colors are vibrant and our lower-heat blue lighting gives off a dynamic vibe. You can see that in the shots below, from DC11 at our Ashburn campus outside Washington, D.C.

We’re growing in Ashburn, as the third phase of DC11 is set to open in December. Cloud adoption is expanding among IT, federal government and other DC industry sectors, and colocation space and interconnection are in demand. We’re always doing our best to deliver both, hopefully with some style.

Article by Phil Schwarzmann, Equinix 

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