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Genesys launches multi-cloud architecture for contact centres
Wed, 19th Aug 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Genesys has announced native multi-cloud architecture for contact centres.

The newly containerised architecture of Genesys Engage built using open standards enables Genesys Engage customers to select private or public cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments with Genesys Cloud or third-party providers.

For example, with Genesys Engage, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles benefits from a single platform to support a diverse set of applications, cloud deployment models and vendors across their global enterprise. In addition, the multi-cloud architecture makes it possible for organisations to run Genesys Engage in the private cloud of their choice, including leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. 

The multi-cloud approach also allows every Genesys Engage customer, both cloud and on-premises, to consume innovation with speed and ease regardless of their deployment model.

For instance, it enables organisations using Genesys Engage to access the artificial intelligence-powered capabilities of Genesys Cloud, such as Predictive Engagement and Workforce Engagement Management, as a completely integrated solution.

Cloud customers can decide how Genesys Engage is operated – independently, by Genesys or managed by a partner such as Accenture, Aria Solutions, Avtex, BT, Cognizant, ConvergeOne, Infosys, NTT or Orange Business Services.

Organisations can move their software applications between different clouds or utilise multiple providers to address varying geographic needs and data sovereignty requirements. 

Enterprises using Genesys Engage benefit from its open architecture, which enables them to avoid vendor lock-in.

They can also easily extend their core contact centre solution by integrating existing applications from many providers, like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Nuance and Calabrio.

This offers organisations more options to support a range of solutions, including voice and chatbots, workforce engagement management, voice and speech recognition and more.

“For decades, businesses had to choose between a suite of applications from a single vendor or siloed best-of-breed systems, resulting in an administrative nightmare, high costs and inconsistent customer experiences. With our multi-cloud architecture, we're partnering with our customers to overcome this challenge,” says Genesys executive vice president and multi cloud solutions general manager Barry O'Sullivan.

“We're giving enterprises the ultimate freedom to customise and future-proof their contact centre technology and infrastructure so they can deliver unique experiences for every customer.”

“For most global enterprises, running their business in the cloud with one provider isn't realistic,” adds NTT customer experience global senior vice president Robert Allman.

 “Multicloud is the way forward, and Genesys is giving our customers the kind of versatility they need to build the cloud environment that best suits their requirements while optimising their contact centre investment.”