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Founding of Thailand Data Centre Council to boost digital growth
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

On 25 January 2024, prominent data centre service providers in Bangkok, Thailand, officially established the Thailand Data Centre Council (TDCC). The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) launched this groundbreaking strategic alliance, the first in Thailand, dedicated to taking the country's digital infrastructure to new heights.

The founding members of the TDCC include industry leaders such as AIMS Data Centre (Thailand), Evolution DC (Thailand), NTT Global Data Centers (Thailand) Limited, STT GDC Thailand, and Telehouse (Thailand).

The TDCC has been founded on six key objectives. It will serve as a representative body for members actively participating in the data centre industry or related sectors. It will agonise over regulatory matters, providing feedback, identifying challenges, and proposing solutions relevant to the data centre industry to the appropriate public authorities. It will support members in international growth, promoting the potential of their data centre businesses and facilitating their competitiveness on the global stage.

In line with its objectives, the council will foster professional growth among data centre entrepreneurs and industry personnel, ensuring that they align with international standards. Working with governmental and private entities, the TDCC will advocate for ethical business practices in line with international norms. The council will also undertake additional activities to boost Thailand's data centre industry or execute tasks assigned by applicable public-sector agencies.

The MOU is a critical milestone for the TDCC, whose primary goal is to promote the data centre sector as a mission-critical industry. It seeks to establish a network of digital infrastructure service providers in Thailand. This shared vision aims to propel the country towards becoming the data centre hub of Southeast Asia.

Thailand's favourable geographic location, alongside supportive digital policies, makes it a tempting destination for global digital service providers and data centre operators. Within five years, Statista predicts that the country's data centre market revenue will rise from USD $2.06 billion in 2023 to USD $2.83 billion, positioning the sector as a vital industry for the nation.

The TDCC seeks to contribute to the long-term growth of Thailand's digital economy. It plans to establish and expand data centre service networks in Thailand and across the ASEAN region, adhering to global standards. Open to a diverse alliance from data centres, connectivity providers and related fields; the TDCC pledges to support its members in expanding their global business potential.

The council will also actively promote the development of professional skills within the industry, ensuring adherence to international standards. It further aims to foster cooperation and coordination with public and private agencies, promoting ethical business operations that adhere to international principles.

Council members will also have the opportunity to provide suggestions, identify challenges, and propose solutions to legal and regulatory issues relevant to the data centre industry to the pertinent public agencies.