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Fortinet announces latest network firewall appliance
Wed, 4th Nov 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Fortinet has announced its latest network firewall designed to enable security-driven networking for hybrid data centers, multi-cloud environments, and even remote workforces.

The company's CMO and EVP of products, John Maddison, says that enterprises are on a mission to accelerate their innovation initiatives - and they're not having to secure their remote and hybrid workforces at scale.

“In this complex environment, deploying enterprise-class security anywhere is essential.

Fortinet created the FortiGate 2600F, powered by the company's purpose-built security processing units NP7 and CP9, to be a single network firewall platform that can protect any edge.

According to Fortinet, the FortiGate 2600F offers several key features, including the ability to protect the edge at scale, flexible protection of large workforces, simplified operations, and high speed cloud on-ramps.

A recent June 2020 Fortinet survey of cybersecurity leaders showed almost 70% of organisations are concerned about insider threats. Furthermore, 40% of surveyed organizations had a business continuity plan in place prior to the pandemic. Due to the pandemic and the rapid shift to remote work, 32% invested further in this area.

According to Fortinet, the FortiGate 2600F appliance is also engineered for flexibility to enable a large remote workforce to come online with speed and productivity. The FortiGate 2600F ensures confidentiality and integrity of sensitive company data in transit and monitoring to align with an organization's existing cybersecurity. The FortiGate 2600F offers a VPN to allow organisations to implement business continuity while sustaining ongoing operations.

Fortinet says the appliance combines segmentation, SD-WAN and network firewall capabilities in one platform to help large enterprises reduce complexity, simplify operations and take advantage of ROI benefits.

The 2600F also reduces the attack surface through segmentation and protects corporate data and business applications with AI/ML-powered FortiGuard Labs Services.

FortiGate 2600F enables hardware-accelerated VXLAN segmentation to enable secure and super-fast communication within hybrid IT architectures leveraging Virtual Extension LAN (VXLAN).

Fortinet explains further details: “The FortiGate 2600F provides full visibility with SSL inspection (including TLS1.3), detects unauthorized applications and threats, and protects users and data that traverse through hybrid data center environments to manage external risks.

“FortiGate 2600F offers hardware-accelerated resiliency through IPv4 and IPv6 DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) metering for flooding attacks to ensure business continuity for services edge.

The FortiGate 2600F enables high speed on-ramps to connect enterprise data centers to multiple cloud environments, allowing organisations to effectively use cloud-based applications to analyze big data.