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EkkoSense previews 3D data center capacity planning solution
Thu, 10th Oct 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Data center performance specialist EkkoSense will preview two major enhancements to its data center optimisation software next month.

EkkoSoft Critical is a space, power and cooler monitoring, management and optimisation software that brings in 3D capacity planning capability. This is called EkkoSoft Critical Capacity Planning.

According to the company, EkkoSoft Critical Capacity Planning will be an intuitive platform for space, power, and cooling capacity management. It will provide live capacity planning functionality, rather than limited capacity reporting that some current DCIM solutions use.

“Traditionally facilities and capacity managers have relied on unwieldy spreadsheets and complex DCIM systems to manage changes to their data center estate,” comments EkkoSense CEO Dean Boyle.

“Now, with the introduction of our EkkoSoft Critical Capacity Planning, we're providing powerful, intuitive tools to allow data center teams to manage all their space, power and cooling capacity planning requirements in real-time thanks our powerful visual analytics.

“And the good news is that with Capacity Planning they have far greater control, allowing data centers to be run leaner and at a fraction of the cost of legacy DCIM approaches.

Key Capacity Planning features:

  • Comprehensive Ticketing and Future Capacity capability, allowing Capacity Managers to use EkkoSoft Critical's 3D Live View visualisation to reserve space, power and cooling for future projects.
  • The ability to identify Power Allocation Variance, where individual racks have locked-in power capacity that they're not using
  • Intuitive Power Allocation control allowing users to:
    • Add new racks
    • Add capacity to existing racks
    • Remove capacity from existing racks
    • Remove existing racks entirely
  • Full estate-wide or room-by-room Live 3D Views of current space utilisation, power usage and cooling capacity performance.

EkkoSense will also preview its new Cooling Advisor functionality. It is able to provide focused cooling performance recommendations and advisory actions that can help to monitor, manage, and maximise a data center's thermal performance.

“With our unique Cooling Adviser functionality, we're also providing data centers with the opportunity to unlock cooling energy savings of [more than] 10% without the requirement for radical redesigns or expensive cooling refresh programmes,” continues Boyle.

“It's this kind of accessible, practical ‘expertise as a service' that can make a real difference for data center teams looking to reduce their energy usage or unlock cooling capacity, without the need for complex CFD systems or expensive consultancy.

EkkoSense solutions are available through the company's expanding network of international partners across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.