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EkkoSense launches 3D power usage schematic for DC operators
Wed, 11th Dec 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

EkkoSense has launched a new 3D power schematic that lets data center operators view power usage in real time.

EkkoSense's Power Site View is designed to simplify capacity planning by delivering a detailed analysis of UPS, DC and cooling power use in individual rooms and cumulatively across entire data center estates.

“Site Power View directly addresses the requirement for real-time monitoring and planning of data center power. Using a distinctive 3D power schematic visualisation, it provides both data center IT and facilities management teams with immediate insight into rack power usage and associated PDU utilisation across their estate,” explains EkkoSense's head of product management, Paul Milburn.

“Previously data center teams would have needed a combination of DCIM tools, outputs from their BMS, and multiple unwieldy spreadsheets to gain an understanding of power usage from a whole site perspective.

“Site Power View in EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 dramatically simplifies this entire process, with comprehensive power overlays and immersive 3D visualisations that not only display power usage, but also clearly show how power is being distributed and used from room to room. These full Site Power View schematics are critical for effective capacity planning, enabling smarter and faster capacity decisions across connected rooms.

Site Power View's 3D visualisations enable the creation of a series of Interactive Reports covering Power Usage, Power Usage Breakdowns and Power Capacity across the entire data center estate. Site Power View monitors both rack power usage and associated Power Distribution Unit (PDU) utilisation and indicates spare power capacity where available. These cover:

- Power usage – Total Power kW, IT power kW, cooling power kW, and PUE

- Power usage breakdown – Site Mains, IT (UPS) power, IT (DC) power, cooling power, Miscellaneous Power and other non-DC Power

- Power capacity – Summary, site power capacity, IT power (UPS) and (DC) limits, and capacity overviews

Site Power View is a key feature within EkkoSoft Critical 6.0, EkkoSense's SaaS-based solution that combines granular IoT sensor data with the latest intuitive 3D visualisation techniques to make the immersive real-time monitoring and planning of data center power, cooling and space a reality.

“With the new functionality our latest EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 release goes beyond traditional reporting to offer true capacity planning at a fraction of the cost of more expensive and complex traditional DCIM and BMS solutions.

EkkoSense solutions are available directly, or through the company's expanding network of international partners across the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.