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ECI unveils new SD-WAN solution

ECI is a global provider of ELASTIC Network solutions for service providers, critical infrastructures and data center operators, announced a virtualized SD-WAN solution as the latest addition to its Muse software suite.

Muse SD-WAN provides application-aware automatic WAN path control, dynamic BW control, traffic policy and optimization, and advanced security capabilities within a single integrated solution. It runs as a virtualized application on either ECI or third-party uCPE.

Until now, enterprises have utilized relatively expensive VPNs to assure their organization's WAN traffic. However, digital transformation and the resulting mass migration of applications and software into private, public and hybrid clouds have made this option prohibitively expensive.

SD-WANs are fast becoming the preferred approach to continuously optimize this traffic and balance between performance and cost.

Muse brings the SD-WAN into today's digital age by offering the solution virtually as a VNF, which can run alongside a variety of other VNFs, on any commercial off-the-shelf uCPE hardware. The solution can provide the services over a variety of WAN interfaces, including LTE and a variety of fixed-line interfaces with fail-over capabilities.

"Digital transformation is top of mind for much of the C-suite, which is combatting increasingly complex operations with the need to streamline costs, augment revenues and retain customers. This is why we designed our SD-WAN solution to help service providers meet the needs of their lucrative business customers, wherever they decide to run their applications," said ECI head Erez Zelikovitz.

"The solution is a win-win for businesses and service providers alike. The 'SD-WAN on uCPE' combination enables businesses with on-demand modification as their needs change. Moreover, service providers can now expand their solution offering, which can increase customer satisfaction and retention, while developing a pipeline for value-added service revenues – a critical benefit to helping them remain competitive."


  • Flexible to SP needs: With ECI's open, operation systems infrastructure, VNFs can be run on ECI or any third-party, commercial off-the-shelf platform, allowing service providers to deploy SD-WAN in the most economical way to maximize profitability.
  • Best-in-class, customizable service: With SD-WAN as the foundation, customers can selectively add on other virtualized business communications services they need – per uCPE location -- including voice, video, security, WAN optimization, DDoS, encryption and IT applications such as storage services.
  • Powerful orchestration and automation: ECI's robust, cloud-native domain orchestration platform means service providers can easily design, deploy, manage and operate the service lifecycles of all virtualized business communication services.
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