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Dell goes Extreme with new unit for data centre efforts

Dell has created an Extreme Scale Infrastructure group in an effort to strengthen its data centre play.

The new unit encompasses both the Data Center Solutions (DCS) and Datacenter Scalable Solutions (DSS) businesses and is focused on the hyperscale and sub-hyperscale market.

Former long-serving Compaq/HP executive James Mouton is heading up the unit as general manager. Mouton began at Compaq back in 1984 as a product engineering manager, and held roles including Compaq director of server storage and vice president of enterprise server segment, before taking on roles at HP including vice president of industry standard servers and senior vice president and general manager of the office of strategy and technology, after HP took over Compaq in the early 2000s.

Mouton says while Dell created DCS nearly eight years ago, it took things ‘to the next level’ in August, announcing DSS.

“DSS takes those hyperscale learnings and uniquely applies them to the just below-hyperscale market – think telcos, web tech, hosting companies, oil and gas and research organisations,” Mouton says.

He says ESI is ‘the overarching organisation where DCS and DSS will reside’.

“We have big plans for ESI in 2016,” Mouton says. “… You can expect ESI to stay focused, remain agile and continue investing for the future over the next year.”

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