DataCenterNews Asia - Considering flash storage? Here’s what to choose (and what to avoid)


Considering flash storage? Here’s what to choose (and what to avoid)

2014 saw a tipping point, where the market pivoted from mechanical disk storage to focus instead on delivering new products that qualify as all-flash storage. Even if you haven’t deployed flash in your infrastructure yet, chances are, in the next year it’s likely to happen.

Among other things, it has the potential to enable a whole new level of employee productivity - it is the infrastructure technology of the future that is available today.

However, the combination of innovation and market maturation makes it complicated to make good decisions about storage purchases. With different product classes, each offering a unique set of strengths and capabilities, how does one align the technology to their own unique goals?

To help provide a basis for evaluating and selecting all-flash storage (including what to avoid and common pitfalls), Pure Storage has provided access to their Flash Storage Buyer’s Guide.

What you'll find in this guide

  • Four crucial things to know about flash memory
  • The three distinct classes of all-flash products
  • The many benefits that all-flash storage provides and what it can do for you
  • Five tips for determining what flash-storage products are right for you - including provide the best productivity, cost efficiency and reliability for your organisation

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2016 Flash Storage Buyer's Guide file cover

2016 Flash Storage Buyer's Guide

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