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Civo acquires GitOps platform Kubefirst in strategic cloud move
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

London-based cloud-native service provider Civo has confirmed its acquisition of Kubefirst, an esteemed GitOps powered platform for Kubernetes, from parent company Kubeshop. The details of the transaction were not disclosed. The move is seen as a strategic alignment with Civo's ongoing mission to uncomplicate cloud computing complexities.

Originating in 2019 as an open-source project, Kubefirst has since earned a commendable standing within the cloud-native community. The platform provides immediate access to a production-grade Kubernetes Platform, driven by GitOps. Following this acquisition, it is understood that Kubefirst will retain its independence, emphasizing its endeavour to uphold the open-source software version and retain its agnostic cloud provider integrations.

With the fundamental vision of advocating a fair, equitable, and open cloud, Civo is deeply committed to nurturing business growth, avoiding obstacles like escalating costs and vendor lock-in. The acquisition of Kubefirst marks a significant advancement in Civo’s ongoing resolve to simplify the cloud. It adds to their recent investments and partnerships aimed at expanding sustainable cloud solutions for their clients, such as leading the £1 million seed funding round in the low carbon compute network, Heata, and becoming the exclusive cloud partner for data-centre heat re-use front-runner, Deep Green.

Civo CEO Mark Boost expressed delight over the merger, referencing it as a crucial stage in the endeavour to alleviate the complexity of cloud computing. Adding, “Kubefirst aligns perfectly with our vision and values, and we are excited about the prospects this partnership unlocks. Maintaining the open-source nature of Kubefirst, we are committed to bolstering its continued success.”

Dmitry Fonarev, CEO at Kubeshop, considers this acquisition a testament to Kubefirst's success and a measure of a fruitful journey. He reflects on the goal of building futuristic products focused on resolving intricate problems for modern software development. He proclaims that appointing Civo enables Kubefirst to continue its growth.

Equally enthusiastic about the acquisition, John Dietz, CEO of Kubefirst, recognises the wealth of opportunities this convergence with Civo represents. He foresees the partnership as a new exciting chapter and advocates the leverage of Civo's resources in service to Kubefirst community, while maintaining its inherent principles. Despite the new direction, he reassures continuity in driving innovation and excellence in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

This strategic acquisition is expected to generate synergies for Civo and Kubefirst, fostering enhanced product offerings and innovation in the cloud computing sector. Customers, users, and stakeholders of both entities may anticipate benefiting from the collaborative expertise and innovative solutions that this partnership is set to wield.