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Chayora’s hyperscale data center campus in China nearing completion

03 Jul 2018

Chayora is nearing completion of the first phase of its TJ1 data center at its hyperscale campus in Beichen, northern Tianjin.

The company is developing a series of hyperscale data centre campuses across China, initially in the aforementioned Tianjin to serve the greater Beijing and northern provinces, and in Shanghai to serve the eastern provinces.

The TJ1 facility will be finished in September 2018 with customer-bespoke data hall fit out works to commence in August, and live operations beginning in Q1 2019.

Foundation works for the second phase of the first facility are already underway with the TJ2 data center build being planned as part of the 300MW, 32-hectare campus that at its completion will comprise nine major data center facilities.

The Tianjin hyperscale data center campus will serve the more than 150 million people that occupy the greater Beijing region in the JingJinJi mega-metropolitan area of northern China.

Chayora recently celebrated reaching the midpoint milestone with its ‘Superstructure Launch Ceremony’ at the Tianjin campus, which included a tour of the supply infrastructure, a campus and construction site tour, and a series of presentations to illustrate the project and reveal the company’s next milestones towards live operations by year’s end.

“We are delighted by the response of industry stakeholders to our Tianjin hyperscale data center campus, including numerous enquiries from international cloud, technology and colocation provider customers,” says Chayora co-founder and CEO Oliver Jones.

“We can enable these enterprises to establish their footprint in China with design, construction and operations delivered to international standards, and we can serve diverse needs and entities given the scale of our hyperscale campuses.

Tianjin announced earlier this year the establishment of a US$16 billion fund to encourage the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the region, correlating with similar AI initiatives from central government and Chinese industry that have been launched in recent months.

Jones says the new facility is a perfect fit for the AI revolution.

“We can also see Chayora’s Tianjin campus’ capacity to become a prime hub for artificial intelligence and machine learning organizations given our masterplan features three high performance computing data center facilities alongside the six hyperscale primary centers,” says Jones.

“The first project has progressed very well, and Phase 1 of our first facility is planned for completion in September 2018. We hope that we are demonstrating our commitment to deliver and execute with the same speed and reliability that is common in other parts of the world.”

While Chayora continues its grind on the Tianjin campus, the company is working in parallel with construction planning of its second data center campus (280MW) to serve the greater Shanghai region.

The company asserts all sites have fully provisioned power from grid as well as from renewable sources wherever available and are carrier neutral with fiber connected to world-class standards.

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