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Chayora receives Uptime Institute Gold Certification
Thu, 17th Mar 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Uptime Institute has awarded Chayora Tier III Gold Certification of Operation Sustainability for its utilisation of infrastructure at its Tianjin campus.

Uptime Institute's Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability (TCOS) says it has given Chayora this assessment as recognition of the company's Tianjin data center reaching the full uptime potential of its Tier III installed infrastructure.

Uptime Institute explains that the Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability is a points-based assessment.

When a data center group meets the basic requirements to keep their site operational across the defined ranges, they are awarded a Bronze TCOS.

Sites that have actively prepared for a broader range of conditions or production possibilities by planning how to accommodate those situations when they occur can achieve either Silver or Gold based on how much above the minimum is scored.

Uptime Institute adds that Chayora's Tianjin site demonstrated exceptional management, operations, building characteristic behaviours, and low site risks.

Additionally, the company notes the importance of adhering to these standards as effectively mitigating site risks has been proven to minimise opportunities for human error, which it says is the leading cause of data center downtime.

“I am extremely proud of my team who have been able to satisfy the challenging test regime of Uptime Institute and achieve this important certification,” Chayora operations director Tiger Zhao says.

“This certification demonstrates the world-class standards to which we operate the Chayora Tianjin campus.

The complete set of Chayora's Tianjin campuses, when fully developed, will jointly provide a capacity of more than 200MW of IT load and over 35,000 racks for customers.

“Chayora demonstrated a high level of commitment to effective operations with their Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability,” Uptime Institute chief technical officer Christopher Brown says.

“Chayora did an admirable job preparing for their remote certification, and making sure that everything went smoothly, completing their Gold Certification.

TCOS certification includes additional assessment criteria around building features and infrastructure and is a more comprehensive assessment of a data center's ability to be sustainable.

Hong Kong-based Chayora Limited develops hyperscale, world-class designed and operated, scalable data centers and data center campuses in China.

The company serves global Fortune 500 companies and premium Chinese data center operators offering cloud, ICT, and financial services as well as other infrastructure-dependent services.

“Chayora's Tianjin campus offers assured scaleability to international and domestic clients seeking the reassurance of an operator adhering to objective world-class standards and this offers our data center customers in the Greater Beijing area excellent standards of service and capacity.” Chayora co-founder and COO Jonathan Berney says.

“This certification builds on our existing awards with Uptime Institute Tier certification and as the first OCP Ready campus in Northern China.