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Carbon Black beefs up solution to lock down data center servers
Tue, 9th May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Carbon Black is on a mission to lock down data center servers, at a time when server breaches are amongst the most common cyber attacks, the company says.

The company recently released an application control solution, named Cb Protection 8.0, which the company claims can stop cyber attacks, including malware, ransomware, zero-day and other attacks, in their tracks.

“Servers are under attack and are among the most breached assets. Traditional defences, such as antivirus, are ineffective at stopping advanced attacks against servers,” comments Michael Viscuso, Carbon Black co-founder and CTO.

The company decided to include ‘Rapid Configs', including OS hardening, browser protection and MS Office protection. These have been developed to be flexible to customer demand, enabling the company to rapidly develop and deliver new configurations.

Carbon Black also chose to simplify both configuration and day-to-day management for users, which Viscuso says is a departure from the additional efforts traditionally associated with application control solutions in the past.

By employing granular control of policies through command-line arguments, Carbon Black says this can harden servers - particularly as cyber attacks leverage frameworks such as Windows PowerShell.

Access control has also been addressed to ensure that only authorised users can make changes to device groups or servers.

The company has also included local data provisions to ensure that users meet local compliance requirements relevant to regulatory bodies.

Carbon Black says that its strategy is to help security teams to control files, applications, monitor activity, prevent unauthorised change and harden servers.