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Apstra delivers advanced IBN capabilities with latest flagship release

Apstra has announced the latest release of its flagship product, Apstra AOS, with added functionality focusing on the changing demands of the Intent-Based Networking market.

The product enhancements are designed to increase the speed and reliability of how networks are deployed and operated in the data center.

AOS 3.3 introduces advanced IBN capabilities to Juniper Networks switching, in addition, to a wide array of operational and open-networking enhancements that enable enterprises to react more quickly to compressed timelines and unforeseen business shifts, the company states.

According to a recent Global Market Insights report, Intent Based Networking market growth exceeded $900 million in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of over 30% between 2020 and 2026.

Deploying an IBN solution is critical for enterprises doubling down on digital transformation efforts, which require data center network agility, increased availability, and improved ROI, Apstra states.

Businesses are three times more likely to fail in their digital transformation efforts if they don't transform their networks first, the company states.

Furthermore, the accelerated adoption of IBN solutions comes at a time when data centers must meet the compressed timelines of the business while delivering operational simplicity that meets or exceeds the cloud, but with reliability.

Apstra AOS is designed to help organisations automate all aspects of the network design, build, deploy, and operate phases.

The IBN solution leverages advanced intent-based analytics to continuously validate the network, thereby eliminating complexity, vulnerabilities, and outages resulting in a secure and resilient network, the company states.

According to Apstra, the technology addresses the network complexity facing architects and operators by applying day 0 validation and analytics while leveraging a single network source of truth.

Apstra founder and president Mansour Karam says, "The monitoring and managing of data center operations continue to grow progressively more complex and increasingly mission-critical as enterprises accelerate their digital transformation.

"IBN is the solution that many network architects and operators are counting on to help their organisations keep up.

"As the rise of IBN comes into focus, extending our unique and advanced IBN capabilities to Juniper Networks, paired with the operational enhancements, allows us to deliver our industry-leading solution across a wider variety of hardware choices."

Apstra customer Beelastic commented on the use of the product.

Chief service officer and cofounder Hanspeter Tinner says, "The extreme demands of Switzerland's renowned financial services industry needs an infrastructure that guarantees the lowest latency and response times with high-cost efficiency and high levels of reliability.

“This is only possible if the latest technologies are used throughout. Apstra's end-to-end automation and simple operational model helps us deliver the lowest response times with the highest cost efficiency and reliability.

"And with their rapid feature velocity, we are confident they'll continue delivering on our and our customers' requirements in the future.

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