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Alibaba updates company values in line with digital era
Thu, 12th Sep 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Alibaba Group has refreshed six of its core business values that will empower the company in its navigation through the changing digital era.

The company says this is its second values refresh in 20 years. Its values have supported the company's journey from a Hangzhou-based startup with 18 staff to a global technology company with more than 100,000 staff.

Internally, the company says its values are at the heart of its people management processes, from hiring right through to remuneration and promotion.

The company is also reinforcing its dedication towards customers. It aims to serve two billion consumers, help create 100 million jobs and enable 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to be profitable by 2036.

Alibaba says it wants to be a company that will last for 102 years in the digital era, rather than become a company that is after power or scale.

Alibaba has businesses across the eCommerce, fintech, logistics, cloud and entertainment sectors, as well as its Alibaba cloud business.

Alibaba's updated values are:

Customers first, employees second, shareholders third

Understanding and addressing the needs and pain points of our customers is our most-important responsibility. Only by creating sustained customer value can our employees grow and shareholders achieve long-term benefit.

Trust makes everything simple

Trust is precious and must be constantly nurtured and protected. We want our Aliren to continue to be straightforward, standing up for the right values and relying on one another via trust.

Change is the only constant

The world is changing even if we are not. Embracing change, either by changing oneself or fostering change in the company, is a unique part of our DNA and must be valued.

Today's best performance is tomorrows baseline

This onward-and-upward approach has helped Alibaba survive our most challenging moments and thrive when we are ahead. Alibaba spirit means we need to constantly challenge and motivate ourselves and strive to exceed normal parameters.

If not now, when? If not me, who?

This was a tagline in Alibaba's very first job advertisement. It's still how we want our employees to view themselves as owners of the business. This gives them a sense of purpose and drive.

Live seriously, work happily

Work is for now, but life is forever. We want our employees to treat life seriously when they work and enjoy work as one enjoys life. We respect the work-life balance decisions of every individual.