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Alibaba Cloud opens first data center in Indonesia with big plans for local startups

16 Mar 2018

 Alibaba Cloud has just opened the doors of its first data center in Indonesia, offering a public cloud platform for local business.

The cloud computing arm of Alibaba is focusing on serving SMEs in particular, including startups. The new data center is a part of Alibaba Cloud’s initiative of supporting the Indonesian Government in creating 1000 startups by 2020.

By migrating IT infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud, these growing firms can leverage the available cloud services to scale rapidly and reduce cost.

Additionally, they can expand their geographic reach through Alibaba Cloud’s established global network to support international operations and better compete in global trade.

In order to incubate a local internet-related ecosystem, Alibaba Cloud also announced that it will bring the Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional (ACP) program to Indonesia.

Within a year, Alibaba Cloud expects to train 300 and certify 100 cloud-skilled professionals in Indonesia with its program, providing both entrepreneurs and local talent with knowledge regarding current and emerging technology in cloud computing, big data and security.

Head of Alibaba Cloud ASEAN & ANZ, Raymond Ma says Alibaba Cloud is dedicated to making its technology as inclusive as possible within the markets we operate.

“By providing a full range of cutting edge cloud solutions and combining this with our expertise, we can assist Indonesian SMEs, government, and enterprises to integrate advanced cloud technology into their daily operations to drive innovation and thrive in the digital age,” adds Ma.

Alibaba Cloud has already help a number of Indonesian internet companies to innovate their business on cloud, including Tokopedia, GTech Digital Asia, Dwidaya Tour, and Yogrt.

The Indonesia data center adds to Alibaba Cloud’s data centers in 17 regions worldwide.

Alibaba Cloud’s general manager of Asia Pacific, Alex Li says Alibaba Cloud is the only global cloud services provider originating from Asia, giving the company a unique position with cultural advantages to provide innovative data intelligence solutions and computing capabilities.

The data center will offer a comprehensive suite of cloud products and services ranging from elastic computing, database service, networking, security and middleware to analytics and big data.

This full range of Alibaba Cloud’s solutions will satisfy the surging needs of localenterprises across a range of industries including e-commerce, media, Fintech, gaming, logistics, transportation and manufacturing.

This includes MaxCompute, a big data platform that allows users to store and process massive amounts of structural data to levels as high as terabyte or even petabyte.

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