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AddOn Networks' latest release enables higher bandwidth
Fri, 27th Mar 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

AddOn Networks has launched a range of optical transceivers with the intention to upgrade 400G and 100G infrastructure worldwide.

The independent global supplier of optical connectivity solutions has announced this latest release responds to the growing demands for faster speeds and higher bandwidth that enterprises around the world are currently facing.

According to the company, the latest transceiver from AddOn Networks, the QSFP28-DD 2x100G, increases network density, reduces infrastructure investments and solves interoperability issues between current and future infrastructure.

The new QSFP28-DD 2x100G transceiver is designed for those upgrading to a 400G PAM4 infrastructure as well as customers who require an interim step as they wait for a more mature solution, the company states.

It solves the crucial interoperability problems that have been experienced between legacy infrastructures and newer systems by utilising two Non-Return to Zero (NRZ) connectors, making it compatible and able to deliver the bandwidth and speed upgrades that operators demand, AddOn Networks states.

AddOn Networks new QSFP28-DD 2x100G transceiver consists of a new high-density CS connector and contains two 100G transceivers in one housing, enabling the subtending of two common 100G NRZ to the network.

2x100G transceivers offer flexibility for future-proofing infrastructure and allows enterprises to invest in the relieving of network bottlenecks at affordable expense, the company states.

The transceiver is also interoperable with existing 100G-CWDM4, 100G-LR4 and 100G-4WDM10 transceivers.

AddOn Networks chief technology officer Patrick Beard says, “At a time when new technologies such as 5G are driving greater traffic onto networks, it is vital that enterprises and data centers deliver high-quality, large-capacity connectivity to meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

“Our newest transceiver enables network expansion at a multitude of levels while keeping expansion costs to a minimum proving key to addressing the network demands of the future.

He says, “Expansion of network infrastructure can be cost prohibitive but with our new QSFP28-DD 2X100G transceiver, we are able to meet the needs of those migrating to 400G, as well as organisations looking to achieve more capacity through their current setup.

“This flexibility is something that we pride ourselves on as a global leader in optical connectivity solutions to enable consumers to receive the bandwidth and speeds that they expect without the need for operators to replace entire systems.

AddOn Networks has been a provider of compatible fiber optic transceivers and high-speed cabling for more than two decades and currently operates in 25 countries.

The company works with long term channel partnerships and offers solutions for data center, enterprise, government, education, and healthcare provider networks, including products from 100Mb to 400Gb and compatibility across more than 150 OEM manufacturers.