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ABB pilots cloud-based automation solution for data centers

10 Jul 2019

Optimization of data center performance, increased tenant retention, agile communications between operations and upper management, and reduced costs are just some of the benefits available to a colocation data center provider as they pilot a new cloud solution from ABB.

With its holistic data center approach, the solution provides a detailed insight into how multiple data centers and devices are performing. 

By bringing all the information into one place, it offers a composite and consolidated view of overall data center performance both locally and globally which enables in-depth analysis and better strategic decisions.    

The new solution has increased accessibility provided by the dashboards that display the data in a comprehensive way. 

The insights aim to result in better operational management, providing optimization of operations and business.

“This is an exciting new ABB Ability Data Center Automation solution. A colocation data center provider in Singapore was the obvious choice with whom to work not just on the project pilot but also as a partner in development,” says ABB data center automation global business manager Madhav Kalia.

“Their market position meant that they were able to offer a valuable, constructive contribution, including helping us to define the minimum viable product (MVP) requirements."

One of the most important challenges faced by businesses today is how to mitigate the impact of data centers on the environment. 

ABB’s solution enables power, cooling and environmental properties of data centers to be viewed and monitored enabling the identification of opportunities for improvement. 

The increased exposure of performance data to a wider audience including upper management, allows strategic operational decisions to be made based on accurate and up-to-date information.  

By enabling KPI and metrics to be benchmarked and monitored, the solution also provides insights into how these are changing over time which enables the verification of the effectiveness of performance improvements and optimizations allowing any issues to be resolved. 

Colocation data centers need to attract new tenants and retain existing tenants.

By allowing the asset allocation and performance of tenants to be evaluated, ABB’s new solution means that better Service Level Agreement management can be achieved which in turn lead to more competitive offerings and pricing for tenants.

The new ABB Ability Data Center Automation cloud solution will be made available in due course. 

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