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Why there's a huge push for NFV in today's enterprises

Network functions virtualisation (NFV) is fast becoming the go-to method of simplifying corporate networks from planning, through deployment and management.

Think about the different networking approaches that enterprises encounter: wired, wireless, physical, virtual, on-premise and cloud, enterprise and remote, voice, data and unified communications, and much more.

Enterprise networks must support a growing number of distributed functions as well, which means there is more complexity and possibly skyrocketing Capex costs.

NFV simplifies these networks in what is typically a cost-efficient, secure, reliable, and expandable way.

The case for NFV is clear: according to responses from more than 1300 IT and networking professionals around the world, 57% say their organisation has deployed or plans to deploy NFV.

Enterprises outline their considerations in this study, built on evidence from those directly involved with building a strong networking infrastructure.

See how other enterprises are using NFV and build a case for NFV opportunities within your organisation.

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