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Insider threats & breach reports: Why security needs more investment

LogRhythm Labs CISO and VP James Carder says that those security leaders who work in the industry trenches have a unique insight about the challenges security professionals and their teams face every day of their working lives.

The Asia-Pacific 2018 Cybersecurity: Perceptions & Practice survey polled 751 mid-to-large-size organisations across Asia Pacific, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In this survey you'll find statistics that relate not only to global and regional business trends, but most likely ones that fit with your organisation.

This report covers almost everything you need to know about threat intelligence in Asia Pacific and beyond, with topics including:

  • The state of security spending in IT
  • Why insider threats (those that come from within your organisation) are a serious concern
  • How Asia Pacific and other regions fare in terms of data breach reports
  • How AI is transforming cybersecurity

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