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Public Cloud
How hyperscalers are shaping Australia’s enterprise cloud landscape future
This month
Australia’s public cloud market encompasses both global and domestic players and there has been widespread adoption of cloud technology across public and private sectors.
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From the digital ceiling to a digital floor
June 2022
The pandemic has upended all sorts of preconceptions – and the world of business has been far from immune.
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Selling confidence in the boardroom – a guide for CISOs
December 2021
Today’s board members need to be kept in the loop with regular briefings. They need to know if they have an adequate security budget and are spending it in ways that best mitigate risk.
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Digital Transformation
How to modernise IT with minimal disruption
December 2021
Here are seven “coordinates” to consider while you sit down and map out your modernisation journey. 
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Cloud adoption
Public, private or hybrid – what cloud model should your enterprise invest in?
August 2021
With cloud adoption accelerating, how can enterprises choose a best-fit model? Here are some best practice tips.
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Navigating security threats beyond a compliance-centric posture
April 2021
Organisations need to be proactively fortifying and enhancing their cyber defences against targeted attacks.
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Cloud’s next step - 6 trends that are taking shape
March 2018
Cloud computing has firmly established its place in both the enterprise and consumer spaces. But what is next for the revolutionary technology?