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GRC steps up with new data center cooling solution

19 Aug 2019

Green Revolution Cooling (GRC), a specialist in single-phase immersion cooling for data centers, has released a new micro-modular data center solution to support large critical IT loads.

The ICERaQ Micro is a self-contained 24U server rack that can support up to 50kW of critical IT load for industries including edge data centers, smart cities, IoT applications, and for integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning into existing data center operations.

“Since 2009, GRC has been a pioneer in single-phase liquid immersion cooling for numerous data center applications,” says GRC CEO Peter Poulin.

“ICEraQ Micro is part of GRC’s continuously evolving product line to tackle the challenges of next generation computing demands. We’re seeing a growing need for customers to put standalone, high-density racks in their existing data centers and on the edge. ICEraQ Micro gives IT professionals the freedom to easily add high-density computing, virtually anywhere.”

With the rising investment in high-density data centers and high-performance computing applications, as well as the increased adoption of edge data centers, ICEraQ Micro can tackle the computing demands these new technologies generate.

Designed to install as easily as a traditional air-cooled rack, the solution only requires power and water service. 

This new solution can be rapidly deployed in any computing environment; with a 24U immersion cooled rack, an integrated CDU with 2N redundant pumps, and GRCs control and monitoring software, Green Revolution Cooling says it’s a complete data center immersion cooling solution. 

Additionally, with the industry’s renewed focus on data center energy consumption, ICEraQ Micro is capable of significantly reducing a data centers’ energy demands.

ICEraQ Micro delivers:

•    A 50% reduction in upfront costs for high-density applications
•    50% lower energy consumption
•    An mPUE of 1.03
•    Up to 30% reduction in server energy draw
•    Increased reliability and uptime
•    Protection from dust, moisture, oxygen, hotspots, vibration and corrosion for critical IT assets

The ICEraQ Micro also provides a solution for IT managers looking to integrate numerous accelerated applications. 

GRC says the solution can be deployed with minimal investment and site requirements, and provides numerous other benefits including:

•    Solving rack density and heat dissipation issues
•    Enabling location flexibility
•    Providing higher thermal run-through times

GRC was founded in 2009. The company has built a strong portfolio of patents – twelve granted patents with another nine patent applications pending. 

The company has deployed systems in 13 countries in industries including defense, energy, academic supercomputing, financial services, telecommunications, and cryptocurrency mining.

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