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Equinix powers up hybrid cloud deployments with IBM Cloud

Equinix has expanded its collaboration with IBM Cloud in order to help accelerate hybrid cloud deployments.

The global interconnection and data centre company is using the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric) to enhance private and scalable connectivity for enterprises. The expansion of IBM Cloud continues an existing relationship between Equinix and IBM, including being a IBM Cloud Direct Link Exchange partner.

Equinix SVP, strategic alliances and global account management, Royce Thomas, says, “Our extended collaboration to offer direct and private connectivity to the IBM Cloud Direct Link service via ECX Fabric is a key enabler to enterprise digital transformation efforts.”

“With the global reach of the Equinix interconnection platform, combined with IBM Cloud, we can help enterprises deploy hybrid cloud solutions and scale their digital businesses at the edge with robust security,” he says.

According to Equinix, more companies are using cloud platforms, with a significant number using a hybrid cloud strategy with a combination of public, private and on-premises capabilities.

A hybrid cloud strategy enables businesses of any size and nature to better address security concerns, data protection and protocols, availability, and cloud management, according to Equinix.

To enable hybrid cloud deployments for enterprises, Equinix and IBM are leveraging the global ECX Fabric to provide private connectivity to IBM Cloud, including Direct Link Exchange, Direct Link Dedicated and Direct Link Dedicated Hosting.

Additionally, Equinix has joined the IBM Cloud Direct Link Service Provider Program, providing at least one Direct Link point of presence in each of IBM''s strategic markets and enabling private connections to IBM Cloud.

These announcements directly impact customers in 16 metros around the world. These customers can now use a private cloud onramp to connect to IBM Cloud without having to connect to the public internet. Utilising ECX Fabric, customers can implement low-latency, hybrid cloud solutions that connect directly to IBM Cloud and help scale their IT infrastructure at the digital edge.

The IBM Cloud Direct Link Dedicated Hosting solution offered within Equinix IBX data centres provides connectivity with direct access to IBM Cloud via ECX Fabric. This allows global businesses to leverage emerging technologies like AI, data analytics, Blockchain and the full suite of IBM Cloud services while being secured with enterprise-grade security.

Current metros include Amsterdam, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

IBM Cloud global offering executive Gabriel Montanti says, “Enterprises are rapidly building next-generation applications on the cloud that leverage Blockchain, AI, IoT, machine learning and more.”

“With the ability to directly connect to business-critical applications from multiple points of presence within Equinix data centres located in key global metros, our customers can anticipate to more effectively integrate hybrid cloud strategies designed for improved security, reliability and performance,” Montanti says.

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