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Regardless of who you are looking to reach in the technology community, Techday has the right platform for you.

We're a purely digital publisher and operate only in the technology sector.

We run an extensive network of technology news websites throughout the globe, with sites in Asia, Europe and the Pacific. You can call us in Singapore, London, Sydney and Auckland. See our Office locations here


Our team of digital account managers can work with you to craft the perfect marketing campaign. We offer traditional display advertising, alongside innovative editorial and lead generation campaigns. Meet our team members here

In recent years we have been innovating around lead capture quite heavily and now have guaranteed result campaigns available at very competitive prices.

Our audiences span data center operators, cybersecurity experts, enterprise CIOs and channel partners, amongst many others. See our network of sites here

We are continually inventing new niche sites, editorial concepts, lead capture techniques and crazy ideas to get even better results for our clients.

These innovations have been the drivers behind Techday’s spectacular growth.

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Our clients include the worlds greatest technology companies, some of which are shown below plus hundreds more.

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